Music Together Kenilworth

Music Together® is a weekly music class in a non-formal, fun, educational environment of family music making for children from birth to age 5, together with those who love them.

Music Together is a pioneering, research based program, proven to be effective at developing your child's innate musical ability. There are 2000 Music Together centres throughout the world, in 30 countries, and now Music Together has come to Kenilworth! Music Together Kenilworth is the first centre in England to be licensed to teach Music Together. Classes are given by a trained and registered Music Together teacher. Come and join the Music Together family fun!

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All children are musical! Our goal is to nurture this musical ability. Besides having fun making music together, our aim is for children to acquire basic music skills - the ability to sing in tune and to move with accurate rhythm - to lay the foundations on which to build a life time of music making.

What makes us unique?

Class material:
Each term enrolled families receive an illustrated song book and a CD with all the songs we sing during that term.

Research based curriculum:
The Music Together curriculum incorporates the research findings from neuroscience, psychology, and early childhood learning. For more on this; click here

We don't expect children to sit still all the time, they are free to roam about as long as it is safe for everybody. Every child explores music in her unique way and at his own rate. We never enforce the "correct" use of instruments, on the contrary, we encourage their imaginative use. Through continued modelling of musical behavior by teacher, parents and other children, the young ones develop their own unique way of making music.

Styles of music:
The Music Together songs are easy to join in (many have no words at all) and build on themes children easily relate to. However, the music - especially the instrumentation on the CD - is very rich and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Music Together songs cover a wide range of different musical styles, different tonalities, unusual rhythms, and songs from different cultures and languages are included (don't worry, it all sounds very natural!), as well as more familiar music. For examples of Music Together songs, click here.

Learning the grammar of music:
Through the choice of music, the large variety of musical styles, through rhythm and tonal patterns, Music Together teaches the grammar of music and helps to develop your child's musical imagination, the ability to represent music in one's mind.

Mixed age:
Classes are mixed age, that is, all ages from 0 to 5 in one class, in an environment of family music-making that includes siblings and parents. Babies rock, bounce, play with mummy, daddy, granny, nanny..., respond to music and watch everybody else. Toddlers crawl, explore, shake rhythm instruments, sing parts of songs and watch everybody else. Preschoolers jump, skip, dance, play, sing, improvise, suggest movements, try out real instruments... and watch everybody else. Parents join in playing, dancing, singing, .... All this happens at the same time in a Music Together class. After all children learn from each other, and progress at their own rate. Songs and music are presented in such a way that lessons are conveyed on many levels simultaneously.

Continued education at home:
Real learning takes place at home. By listening to the CD's at home, families become familiar with the Music Together songs, can continue their music-making at home and have a deeper music experience in class. We provide 2 identical CD's with all the songs we sing in class, so you can have one in the car or give one to granny... The illustrated song book provides the music and text to all the songs, and each song page contains many suggestions for musical play at home.

Live music:
The music in Music Together is live music. Out of the 12 songs we sing each class at most 2-3 songs are accompanied by a CD recording - one is usually a dance, and the other a play along. The other 9-10 songs are 100% live music. Imagine the difference it makes for a child instead of listening to a CD to sit in the middle of a group of 10 - 20 children and grown-ups all singing and moving/playing to a song, all making music, live music...

Instrument play:
Besides singing, moving and dancing to music, you will also play various percussion and simple tonal instruments. You will hear the guitar in each class, and frequently other instruments too. From time to time, the teacher brings in and demonstrates (during the play-along) instruments such as the clarinet, the alto and tenor saxophone, various types of recorders, the trumpet etc. At the end of class children are encouraged to try out any of these instruments.

For more information about the Music Together program in general, please see
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The Music Together program was developed starting in 1985 by musician and music educator Kenneth K. Guilmartin, and Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D., a Professor of Music Education at Rowan University of New Jersey, USA, and is now taught all around the world. This is a research based proven program, and a world leader in the field of early childhood education.

Music Together Kenilworth started in April 2011 shortly after we moved to Kenilworth.

Classes are 45 minutes long, followed by a 15 minutes optional period to play and chat.
See the top right of this page for current class dates.
Classes take place in room 3, Kenilworth Methodist Church Hall, CV8 1LQ, on Priory Road. The Church is close to the junction of Priory Road and station Road.
The location is shown on the following map:

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Room 3 is upstairs; there is a lift if necessary. Parking is behind the church, which is a short walk from Kenilworth clock tower bus stop for those coming by bus. The class starts at 10, please arrive promptly!
Your teacher is Marco Schlichting.
Marco plays recorder, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and clarinet, and will be assisted by his wife Helena and his son Florian.
The session is 75 pounds per family for 10 classes.

The fee includes all 10 classes and all course materials: an illustrated book including all text and music for the course, a CD including all the music of all the classes. The fee also gives you access to the parents' pages of the mother website where you can download the songs and various music activity materials.

You can come to a free trial class, and receive one free introductory CD/DVD while supplies last.

We are not currently running special demonstration classes, but you can come to any of our regular classes to try out Music Together, and there is plenty of time to ask questions at the end.
For further information, to attend a demo or register for the class, please call
or send an email:
Music Together art & logo design © 1992-2014 Music Together LLC. Music Together is a registered trademark. Music Together Kenilworth is licensed by Music Together LLC.
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