Kenilworth Home Education Maths Club

With Helena and Marco


About us

Helena Verrill is currently a part time mathematics tutor at Warwick University. Also offering A-level maths tutoring. Previously an assistant professor at Louisiana State University. Home schooling Florian and Tobi. Investing a lot of time in art work, especially mathematically inspired art, including origami. At the meetings Helena oversees the art/craft/maths activities, the maths toys and games, and the Liverpool road show materials.
Marco Schlichting is a lecturer at Warwick University. Also home educating Tobi and Florian. Marco taught Music Together - a music class for 0-5 year olds - for 7 years. This has influenced our approach to education. Parents (or other primary care givers) are their child's first teacher, and want to be able to do things together, including maths, with young children. We hope our maths club is fun for parents to participate in together with their children. Marco typically runs discussion sessions at the math club meetings.

About Kenilworth maths club

April 2019

We run a fun mathematics club for home educating families, incorporating the Liverpool fun maths road show materials, lots of art/craft maths activities and various hands on mathematical manipulatives - mathematical puzzles, games and toys. We include group discussions and activities as well as laid out activities for you to pick and choose from and work on at your own pace, with assistance available as required.


Meetings are varied, you'll see different activites each time. For example, we include some of the following in meetings

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