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We run a fun mathematics club for home educating families - see below for more resources, and about us. There are more links on the pages for each meeting, and we have a face book page.

Next meeting

Next meeting, Friday 15th March, 1pm-3pm at Kenilworth Methodist Church, Station Road.

Cost will be 4 pounds per family. Next few meetings after that on 28th March.

In April, probably we will change the day from Friday to either Thursday morning, or Wednesday afternoon, since Friday clashes with so many home ed events.

In the next meeting we will have, as usual, the Liverpool resources, colouring, puzzles and games, origami.

Past meetings

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meeting 1
meeting 2
meeting 3
meeting 4
meeting 5
meeting 6
meeting 7

Books, Links, References

Some books we are using to get ideas from. We are not usually bringing these books to the meeting, since we only take a few problem from them each time, but quite often we are bringing a print out of the page or pages used. If you like the problems and want to try more, especially if you can't come to the meetings regularly, ask, and we can bring the books along for you to look at to see if they are something you want to get hold of. These are not work books for you to just give to your child to fill in, except the Beast academy ones, which I will also add to this list

Future meetings

Planning future meetings on topics such as

About us

About me (Helena Verrill): you might want to know who I am - I'm home schooling Florian and Tobi, just turned 6 and 10, but for many years worked professionally as an academic mathematician, teaching up to and including Ph.D. level - this does not necessarily qualify me to teach at lower levels, but I hope we will help you enjoy mathematics. I currently teach part time at Warwick University. I enjoy origami mathematics, and about 20 years ago made a page about some of my designs, which seems not to have died yet.

Marco Schlichting will also be helping, but since he works full time at Warwick University, most of the work of preparing the meetings, web site, communications, materials, etc, is up to me!
Marco taught Music Together - a music class for 0-5 year olds - for 7 years, so has quite a bit of experience with teaching young children. Perhaps sometime we can include some music in the maths club!
Marco will run 2 or three short led sessions for different age groups - these are for parents together with their children. We take a "maths together" approach, similar to the "music together" approach taken in the music class. Even more in home education than otherwise, you are your child's first teacher, and want to be able to do things together, including maths, with young children