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First meeting was on Friday 12th October, 1pm-3pm at Kenilworth Methodist Church, Station Road.

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Files to go with Marco's session:

Theme for first meeting: Polygons. We will also have material on other topics, especially for Marco's sessions. Material will be for all ages, levels and abilities

I hope that both adults and children will enjoy the materials, and that both children who don't find maths fun so far, as well as those who would be considered gifted mathematically will find something to enjoy.

Although I realise that arithmetic is a popular topic, we'll avoid too much of it in the first meeting, partly just to remind people that mathematics is about far more than arithmetic, and also because I personally love geometry! But we will cover lots of other things including arithmetic in other meetings.

Note, don't intend to cover polyhedra this time, since there is so much for polyhedra that can be another meeting.

Will add links soon

Meeting will probably be pretty free, choose and do activities at your own pace, which ever, whenever you want.

Plan on a "circle time" at about 2:30pm, where everyone can show their art work from meeting, or say what they liked, or show something mathematical they've brought along.

I don't intend to lead any discussion or very led session at this meeting, since Florian will probably be sitting on me, but hope to circulate around and chat with people about what they are doing. Answer questions, etc. I hope people will be able to stimulate each other, and children will enjoy talking to each other about what they are doing, and creating and problem solving together.

We don't want this to be your "usual" maths class type meeting, I hope there will be lots of fun and laughter and creativity.

Also, you might be thinking: "my child knows what polygons are - shape recognition is just for babies" - however, although babies can play with polygons there is plenty of material for all levels. Even in 2015 a new kind of pentagon was discovered that tiles the plane - picture here tiling picture So, there are university researchers discovering new things about polygons, and there are interesting things to do with polygons at all stages between, so I hope this will be a good meeting. We will have a different topic for the next one.

Apologies for current primitive state of this page, will update before long!

Planning future meetings on topics such as

About me (Helena Verrill): you might want to know who I am - I'm home schooling Tobi and Florian, aged 5 and 10, but for many years worked professionally as an academic mathematician, teaching up to and including Ph.D. level - this does not necessarily qualify me to teach at lower levels, but I hope we will help you enjoy mathematics. I currently teach part time at Warwick University. I enjoy origami mathematics, and about 20 years ago made a page about some of my designs, which seems not to have died yet.

Marco Schlichting will also be helping, but since he works full time at Warwick University, most of the work of preparing the meetings, web site, communications, materials, etc, is up to me!
Marco taught Music Together - a music class for 0-5 year olds - for 7 years, so has quite a bit of experience with teaching young children. Perhaps sometime we can include some music in the maths club!
Marco will run 2 or three short led sessions for different age groups - these are for parents together with their children. We take a "maths together" approach, similar to the "music together" approach taken in the music class. Even more in home education than otherwise, you are your child's first teacher, and want to be able to do things together, including maths, with young children