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Next meeting, Friday 9th November, 1pm-3pm at Kenilworth Methodist Church, Station Road.

Cost will be 4 pounds per family.

Hand outs/material from third meeting:

  • hand out about meeting - pretty much same as last time
  • Card trick done with the 10+ group see if you can work out how it works! Will come back to next time.
  • extra problems - mainly for 10+ group, but anyone can look if you want. Would love to hear if you try these and want to discuss them at next session. This comes the book "A Moscow Math Circle" by Sergey Dorichenko
  • I think the 7-9 group was impressed with the following card trick - shuffle a pack of cards (any set of cards with the same number of black and red cards (or any other two colours), then divide into two piles. Count the number of red cards in one pile. Count the number of black in the other - what do you notice? Are you surprised? Does this always happen? Why?! If you can work it out, see if you can explain it to the group next time!
  • We put up a few skip counting mazes, I'm not sure anyone tried them, but people have asked about ways to learn times tables, and these are one way. So if you're interested, there are some here at a home schoolers site , we printed out a few others too, and I've made up some myself... need to put up some more if anyone is interested!
  • Let me know if there is anything else from the third meeting that you would like to see links to, or expanded here, or for us to come back to.

    Below are notes made before the meeting, might not be useful! Bit random, left here so I don't forgot the links!

    In the third meeting we will have the Liverpool resources, colouring, origami, and Marco's session.

    Theme for additional topics for third meeting: games with counters - board games, solitare, tower of Hanoi, anything that could be interpreted as a game with counters or discs

    Currently looking for colouring sheets I can download and printout and bring along - colouring seems to be very popular. I like it too!

    Here are some pages I found with colouring sheets to down load

  • shapes from flyingintolearning
  • I liked the look of some of the pictures on this pintrest page. The links are to pages of teachers pay teachers, though I'm not sure whether I'll go as far as buying something, though they do look like great resourses.
  • I found that education.com has lots of free worksheets
  • I am thinking about what to do with pictures made from lines, like this from math craft
  • Also thinking about what can be done with circle packing - there are lots of pretty pictures, just search on google, or look up the wikipedia article. I wonder how much of this can be explained and have meaning to children and be useful mathematically? I liked looking at the web page of Ken Stephenson, wondering about using his software to generate pictures... if I have time.
  • For origami, amongst other things, thinking of putting out instructions for stars, (this picture taken from this site - there are many videos of how to do this too) which start with a pentagon
  • Other activities

  • Pancake sorting

  • Planning future meetings on topics such as

    About me (Helena Verrill): you might want to know who I am - I'm home schooling Tobi and Florian, aged 5 and 10, but for many years worked professionally as an academic mathematician, teaching up to and including Ph.D. level - this does not necessarily qualify me to teach at lower levels, but I hope we will help you enjoy mathematics. I currently teach part time at Warwick University. I enjoy origami mathematics, and about 20 years ago made a page about some of my designs, which seems not to have died yet.

    Marco Schlichting will also be helping, but since he works full time at Warwick University, most of the work of preparing the meetings, web site, communications, materials, etc, is up to me!
    Marco taught Music Together - a music class for 0-5 year olds - for 7 years, so has quite a bit of experience with teaching young children. Perhaps sometime we can include some music in the maths club!
    Marco will run 2 or three short led sessions for different age groups - these are for parents together with their children. We take a "maths together" approach, similar to the "music together" approach taken in the music class. Even more in home education than otherwise, you are your child's first teacher, and want to be able to do things together, including maths, with young children