origami animations and computer explorations - H A Verrill

I like to study variation of structure of origami tessellations and corrugations

Here are some animations. For this page, I've made mp4 animations by using a screen shot, but the originals, which you can see by clicking on these images, are in either javascript or svg. Click on the links (the green boxes) to see the original files.

The first set are for a crease pattern and corresponding folded origami. The rest only show crease pattern. The third animations in the two columns are actually the same, just different colouring.
The third row shows what I consider the unit of the tessellation/corrugation. You can change the parameters of these. Click on the link to see lots of units together. If you want to actually fold something, you probably want to click on the links on the third row. The fourth row is some folded examples.
Fifth row is links to some svg files animating the actual folding of examples of the middle crease pattern.

origami animations
origami animations